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Dre Lucie Duclos M.D.

Cosmetic injections

Dr. Duclos presents cosmetic surgery of the face and eyelids. Increasingly popular, facial injections have many advantages. The most interesting thing is that they can quickly reduce the effect of aging, fill in a hollow scar or swell certain areas of the face without surgery or incision. The convalescence is therefore very short, swelling and bruising are minimal.
Before / After: Hyaluronic acid injection

  • Before-Injection Acide Hyaluronique
    After-Injection Acide Hyaluronique
    Avant Injection Acide Hyaluronique Après

If you already know the success of collagen and Botox, you can only be delighted with this innovation in medicine in the form of the product Juvederm Volite which now offers a reliable filler with very impressive results in combating skin aging.

Among the many products available on the market is the Botox and fillers (Juvederm, Volbella). Also, fat injections can be done. Dre Duclos will recommend the most appropriate product for your situation. She might also suggest combining Botox and filler. The Botox treatment relaxes the wrinkle while the injection of a filler fills the wrinkle in order to reduce it. It may also be that surgery, whether or not in combination with Botox or filler, is preferable.

These implants, which are particularly suitable for filling cheeks and lips, have the advantage of being taken from your own body. However, the amount injected is not the amount that will stay in place. Indeed, the taking of fat grafts is random and, in general, several sessions (spaced four to six months apart) are necessary to obtain the desired correction and a uniform result. Overcorrecting the region you wish to fill is not recommended since the region will be too large – and difficult to conceal – for a while.

In addition to fat implants that are taken from the patient, many filler products are available on the market. The most used products in Canada are composed of hyaluranic acid (Fine Lines, Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, etc.). They are designed in the laboratory and do not require allergy testing. Just like collagen, hyaluronic acid is one of the skin’s natural constituents.
The injection only takes a few minutes and the effect is visible immediately. Fillers can be used to soften a wrinkle or plump up a part of the face such as the lips, cheekbones or chin. Some swelling of the treated area should be expected for approximately 48 hours. The risk of infection is minimal. There may be irregularities which will be alleviated by massage. Very rare cases of inflammatory nodules have been reported in the literature.
Dr. Duclos will recommend the most appropriate product for your situation. She might also suggest surgery such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) or a facial-lift with or without filler.

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