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During your consultation, Dre Duclos will clearly let you know your options and you should be well informed about your expectations .

Since when has Dr. Duclos been a plastic surgeon?

Since 1994.


What training does a plastic surgeon have?

Carried out after medical studies, training in plastic surgery lasts 5 years and includes not only cosmetic surgery, but also < a href=”/?page_id=2882″>reconstruction surgery, burn surgery, microsurgery, hand surgery and maxillofacial surgery.


What are the waiting times before an intervention?

It all depends on the intervention. For more information, call 514 252-0912. Our secretary will be happy to answer your questions.


How much does an intervention cost?

Prices vary depending on the type of surgery and its extent. Only a consultation will allow this question to be answered precisely. However, you can obtain an approximate price by calling 514 252-0912.


Is it necessary to have an intervention to rejuvenate the face?

Increasingly, it is possible to delay the effect of facial aging without surgery with injections. The injection treatment is quick and does not require convalescence like surgery. Dr. Duclos will be able to recommend the most appropriate product for your situation. You will find more details on this in the section on injections.


Is it possible to have a mini-facelift or short-incision facelift?

Dr. Duclos has been practicing this procedure for many years. When indicated, it gives excellent results and allows much faster convalescence than conventional facelift.


Do fat cells reappear after liposuction?

No, the fat cells that are removed by liposuction do not return, even if you gain weight after the procedure.


Is it possible to have breast augmentation without scars?

It is possible to do a breast augmentation by making the incision in the armpit so that no scar is visible on the breasts. Dr. Duclos uses different approaches to perform breast augmentation, either through the armpit, the fold under the breast, the nipple areola and even the abdomen.


What types of breast implants are available in Canada?

Health Canada authorizes silicone gel breast implants and saline-filled breast implants. During the consultation, Dr. Duclos will advise you on the most appropriate type of implants for you.


Where do the interventions take place?

The interventions take place at Dr. Duclos’ clinic located at 3350, boul. Rosemont, in Montreal.


Are surgical standards in private clinics the same as in hospitals?

The standards applied at the clinic respect the recommendations of the Collège des Médecins du Québec. During general anesthesia or local anesthesia with narcosis (or sedation), the anesthesiologist remains at your bedside until you wake up. In addition, Dr. Duclos does not leave the premises until the last patient has left the clinic.

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