Dr. Duclos’ cosmetic surgery clinic


To provide you with high-quality professional care, Dre Duclos has surrounded herself with a team of specialists. You will be received by welcoming and attentive secretaries. Competent nurses will ensure your comfort and safety. In addition, an experienced anesthesiologist, working in the hospital environment, will safely carry out the steps prior to your intervention.


Facilities and equipment

The clinic includes a welcoming reception area, a comfortable waiting room, a consultation room and two examination rooms as well as an operating room consisting of a surgery room, a recovery room and a sterilization room.

The operating room is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which allows surgical interventions to be performed with local anesthesia, with local anesthesia and narcosis ( use of medications leading to a more or less deep state of sleep) or with general anesthesia. Anesthesia and the procedure are performed according to the highest safety standards.


Customer satisfaction

Dr. Duclos is a cosmetic surgeon for whom customer satisfaction is a priority. You would like to know the latest comments from our customers on Customer satisfaction?


The cosmetic surgery clinic of Dr. Lucie Duclos obtains accreditation from Accreditation Canada with honorable mention.


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